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Thank you for reading my website.  My name is Stephen Law.  I have spent circa 30 years in a role that has encompassed both Business & Technology Development.  I have worked on some very exciting environmental technology projects.  Generally speaking, I have helped to push the boundaries by working on cutting-edge technologies.

I grew up with an extraordinary father who managed to run a school, help the community as a vicar, and bring up 3 boisterous boys (including yours truly).  Perhaps I found my eclectic interests from my father?  My father helped me to understand the synergy between music (harmonic frequencies), building gadgets such as metal detectors (electro-magnetic fields), and fixing the central heating (fluid and thermal dynamics).


At 16 I was in the top 5 students at a school of about 2,000 students who achieved an A-Grade in Mathematics.  This won me a scholarship in 1982 to study the fledgling science of “computers”.  I was writing space invader games before most people had ever seen a personal computer.

That’s when I also began my love affair with anything on 2 wheels or more that had an engine.  I was enamored by D’Ascanio’s Vespa Scooter designs of the 50s and 60s and set about stripping-down and rebuilding my own.  I’m not sure whether I was foolhardy or brave to completely take an old scooter to pieces.  Moreover, I decided to shoe-horn a brand-new crash-salvaged engine into place from a model of 20 years later.  However, I can definitely say that I was foolhardy for seeing how fast a 200cc scooter could fly, by slip-streaming coaches on a motorway that were travelling at up to 85 mph!

Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry were fascinating subjects at school.  Yet I was inspired by the l’uomo universale theory of Leonardo Da Vinci.  I wished to understand every area of Art & Science.  I declined an offer to study Law at Buckingham University.  Instead, I horrified my parents by studying the History of Art & Design in Staffordshire.

At Stoke-on-Trent, I expanded my mind by learning about Ceramics, Glass, Fine Art, Architecture, Film, Ergonomics, and Fashion.  By the time I had won my Bachelor of Arts with Honours, I finally started to understand the bigger picture and how everything was connected.

This website explains how I put my education to use in the Business World.

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