I have always been interested in Science & Technology.  Like most boys, I wanted to be like my father – and he was enamored with science and technology.  My father was very clever with his finances.  We never had a great deal of money when I was growing up. So everything had to be conducted on a shoe-string budget.

In essence, my father created his own “Grand Tour” for our family during the Summer holidays.  Instead of touring Europe and staying at nice hotels, it was conducted by my Father’s ingenious planning, accompanied by a Morris Traveler and the smallest caravan you have ever seen.  Thanks to my father’s bravery and skill I was able to see England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.  Looking back, can anyone seriously imagine negotiating 1-in-4 hairpins across the Alps in a Morris Traveler towing a caravan?

By the age of 13, I was fortunate enough to have learned basic communication in most Central and Southern European languages.  I had climbed the foothills of the Jungfrau, clambered across glaciers to see Marmots, and seen the sun set over Venice.

My father undertook National Service in the RAF, working at the Early Warning stations using Radar.  From a young age I learned about the ground-breaking technologies from the code-breakers at Bletchley Park to the latest Radar tracking systems.  All of this knowledge was learned over making my father countless cups of tea, whilst he pawed-over RS component catalogues, built an array of transceivers and we connected together old telephone systems that we had salvaged.

During my teens, my father taught me Philosophy, Logic & Chess – this was no doubt the beginnings of learning how to communicate effectively with others.  I believe his proudest moment was when I won a draw with No.4 Adult Chess Player for England.

The Energy Crisis of the 1970s hit our family hard.  We had moved in to a new home that was oil-fired.  As energy prices sky-rocketed, we couldn’t afford the fuel.  I remember the winters being very cold and damp, wrapped in several jumpers, but never quite reaching a comfortable temperature.  Many an hour was spent thereafter, discussing central heating ideas and alternative energy with my father.

Everyone has to earn a living and after University I chose one of the most reviled professions – Sales & Marketing!  By the time I was 25, I had won many awards in Sales & Marketing. So I took off my sales hat and went back to Science & Technology.  I knew that I would be able to sell technologies for myself or for others – as the old saying goes “You can invent the best mouse-trap, but….  ”

From the early 1990s to the present day, I have always been able to pay the bills thanks to my Sales Capability; but without a doubt – the most exciting moments have been my Technology Development roles as follows:

Technology Research for Aerotherm Group
Aerotherm Research 3


  • Micro Wind Turbines
  • Biomass Fuels & Biomass Gasification
  • Wave & Tidal Energy
  • Kinetic Energy
  • Waste to Energy


Technology Research for Max Quarterman Group
Max Quarterman Research 2


  • Water Analysis & Treatment
  • Disease Control & Bio Tech
  • Pressurised Vortices
  • Silver Ions
  • Electro Magnetic Fields + Fluids


Technology Research for Co-op Group Co-op Group Research 2

  • Water Analysis & Treatment
  • Disease Control
  • Electro Magnetic Fields + Fluids
  • Silver Ions
  • Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Analysis Surveys + Software Development

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